Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were wandering through the Garden of Eden one day when God looked down and said,
"Okay, kids, I only have a couple of things left here in my bag of goodies. Who wants the ability to urinate standing up?"

To which Eve immediately replied,
"I do, God, may I have it?"

So God granted her the ability, but Eve saw a look of such utter despair on Adam’s face that meant he wanted the ability, that her generous spirit was moved and she said to God,
"He may have it if he wants it so much."

So, God gave the ability to Adam instead, and he was so happy that he immediately ran behind a bush and urinated standing up. When he came back, Eve looked at God and said,
"Well, do you have anything left for me?"
And God looked back in the bag. Looking back at Eve he said,
"….All I have left is multiple orgasms."