Drinking problem

After years of arguing over her husbands drinking problem, she finally warns him that she will leave him if comes home drunk one more time.

The very next day, the husband has a really hard day of work, and knowing his wife would not be home for the evening he figured he could stop by the bar, have a couple of drinks and get home into bed without his wife ever knowing.

After a couple drinks, he decides that he still has some time before his wife gets home so he stays for a couple more. After a few more drinks he realizes that he is lot more drunk than he intended on getting and decided to head home.

As soon as he stands up off his bar stool he falls to the ground like a rock. He tries to stand up again, but ends up with the same result.

Determined to get home before his wife does, he struggles to the door of the bar. All the way home he tries standing up but falls each and every time. But after a while of crawling and pulling himself along with his arms he finally makes it home and crawls into bed well in time before his wife’s return.

The next morning, he is sure that is wife has no clue. But he opens his eyes to find his wife standing with her arms crossed staring at him with an icy cold look.

"You got drunk again last night." She said.

Completely shocked and aware that he has been caught, the husband asks "How did you know?"

"The Bartender just called and you left your wheelchair at the bar again."

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