Becoming nuns

There were 4 women, who were very close to one another. Seeking spiritual enlightenment, they all decided to join a convent, and become nuns. After reaching the convent, they proceeded to find the Reverand Mother (the head nun), and ask for acceptance. After they had found her, the Reverand Mother explained to them that they must pass a test before being accepted in the convent. They all agreed, and were instructed to line up, single file, in front of the reverand mother’s office, so they could all see the test taking place.

The Reverand mother called in the first girl, instructed her to sit, then explained that she must answer a question before being accepted.

"Have you ever touched a penis my child?" asked the reverand mother.

"Yes, I have." replied the first girl

"With what part of your body?"

"My finger" After the first girl finished answering the question, the Reverand mother produced a large bowl of Holy Water, then asked the girl to stick her finger in it to cleanse it of sin. The girl did, then was accepted into the convent. Then the second girl was called in. Again the Mother Reverand asked if she had ever touched a penis. After the second girl told that it was her hand she had used the Reverand mother instructed her to dip her hand into the Holy Water to cleanse the sin from her hand. Then the second girl was accepted into the convent.

This continued with the third girl. But, immediately after the third girl had finished cleansing herself, the fourth girl ran into the office, jumped in front of the third girl, and screamed at the Reverand Mother
"You must be crazing if you think I’m going to gargle that water after she’s stuck her arse in it!"

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