A guy walks into a bar without a dime to his name, convinced that he can persuade the bartender to buy him a drink. He tells the bartender that he is flat broke but if the bartender buys him a drink, he will perform an amazing trick for him.

The bartender asks the guy what kind of trick he will perform and the guy tells him that he will fart the national anthem. The bartender doesn’t believe him but the man is persistent, so the bartender agrees.

The guy then tells him that since he needs to take his pants down in order to do the trick and he doesn’t want anyone else to see him, he wants to wait until no one else is in the bar. The bartender understands his concerns and when the bar clears out the guy prepares to do his trick.

He takes his pants down and starts straining until all of the veins in his neck are bulging and has an accident on the floor. The bartender comes out from behind the bar as mad as a hornet, grabs the guy by his shirt and starts to toss him out of his bar.

The guy is holding up his pants with his hands, pleading for sympathy and another chance from the bartender and crys out,
"hey, even Frank Sinatra had to clear his throat."

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