St. Peter is on duty at the Pearly Gates and in rather a bad mood. He is interviewing couples who are queuing up to get into heaven. "Next," he calls out.
Up steps a publican named Jones and his wife. St. Peter says, "I’m sorry, but you two can’t enter."

"Why not?" demands the man angrily.

"I can’t stand publicans," says St. Peter. " You drink too much. Always getting drunk and throwing up, and beating your wives and kids during drunken rages. And look you even married a woman named after a drink, Sherri. Get out of here. Next," he calls out.

Up steps the next couple, a publican named Smith and his wife. St. Peter looks at them with a sneer. "I don’t like bankers. Always grubbing for money and cheating people. And look at that, you married a woman named after money, Penny. You obviously love money more than God and those people go to the other place."

Just about this time, several couples back in line, a man turns to his wife and says:
"Come on Fanny, there’s NO hope for us, let’s get out of here."

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